Hamilton bakery closes because of nearby positive coronavirus test, owners say

Hamilton’s downtown The Almond Sisters bakery has closed temporarily because its owners are being cautious after a resident of the adjoining Artspace building tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, they said.

Owners Jenni Hubbard and Scott Hubbard announced on Facebook that they don’t believe the Artspace resident had been in their bakery recently.

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They said out of an abundance of caution the bakery had been sanitized, as had the Artlofts’ common areas. They also noted there is not an entrance that links the bakery with the residential areas.

Meanwhile, two Hamilton residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, officials said. Two are females, one in her late 50s, and one in her late 30s, and both are hospitalized.

A woman who was believed to be the third confirmed case for Hamilton no longer lives in the city and instead is a resident of a nursing home in Hamilton County.

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“We are going to err on the side of caution since it’s so close to us,” Jenni Hubbard said Friday. “We are looking at at least two weeks closed, maybe longer. We have to make sure it doesn’t spread further throughout Artspace.”

They said the Artspace manager told them the resident hospitalized with the virus had given health officials names of all people they had contact with, and those people were quarantined. Quarantined people take their temperatures twice a day and report their results to health officials.

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