Harambe fans rejoice: Charity to host gorilla-themed run in Cincinnati

A pack of gorillas will take over downtown Cincinnati next month, but they haven’t escaped from the Cincinnati Zoo.

The Gorilla Glue Company will host its annual Cincinnati Gorilla Run, a 5k that raises funds and awareness for mountain gorillas. The race is on April 2, starting at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse at 925 Riverside Drive.

Race participants buy and dress up in gorilla suits, which are provided by the race organizers. Other participants can even dress up in banana suits, according to the race website. Funds go to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.

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The race has been hosted for several years, and was not created because of the death of Harambe — the gorilla who was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo last May. The event captivated the attention of people across the world, and Harambe quickly became the center of an Internet frenzy. He was shot by handlers at the zoo after dragging a small boy who had fallen into the gorilla enclosure.

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