Ohio 31st best state for doctors

Ohio is a state known for its world-class medical institutions, but conditions in the state are less than favorable for the doctors working there, according to personal finance website WalletHub.

Overall, Ohio ranks 31st out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in WalletHub’s 2016 ranking of the best and worst states for doctors.

The rankings were based on a review of 11 metrics, including average starting salaries, taxes and malpractice costs.

Ohio suffered the most in the rankings because of its punitive state medical boards.

Ohio has the third-highest rate of state medical boards’ serious disciplinary actions per 1,000 physicians, 5.52, which is more than four times higher than in South Carolina, where the rate is lowest, 1.33. Only Louisiana and Wyoming have more punitive state medical boards than Ohio, according to WalleHub.

However, when it comes to pay, Ohio ranks higher than most other states.

The Buckeye State ranks No. 9 for cost-of-living-adjusted annual mean wage for surgeons, $255,481, which is nearly two times higher than in the District of Columbia, where the wage is lowest, $129,503. Overall, the monthly average starting salary for physicians in Ohio, adjusted for the cost of living, is $3,777 — ranking the state No. 12.

Conditions for doctors in Ohio are best in terms of malpractice liability.

Ohio had the seventh-lowest amount of malpractice award payouts per capita, $5.77. By comparison, North Dakota had the lowest amount in malpractice awards per capita at $1.03.

According to WalletHub, the Top 10 states for doctors are:

1. Mississippi

2. Iowa

3. Minnesota

4. North Dakota

5. Idaho

6. Texas

7. Kansas

8 Wisconsin


10. Alabama