Software company to expand its footprint in Springboro

Caesar Creek Software is expanding with a second building in the Ascent business development in Springboro near Interstate 75.

The $9 million investment will be the fourth building built in the Ascent development, which is located in north Springboro just south of the Austin Landing interchange on I-75.

Synergy Building Systems, based in Beavercreek, is constructing the building.

Springboro City Manager Chris Pozzuto said Synergy is purchasing 4.194 acres at South Tech that the city owns for $230,670 for the construction of the new building for Caesar Creek Software. Springboro City Council will consider approval of the land sale at its March 7 meeting.

“Caesar Creek Software is one of those companies that you love having in the community,” Pozzuto said. “They are a very solid company that always seems to be in growth mode. We are very excited about their latest expansion plans and look forward to working with them on construction of their new building.”

Since 2017, Caesar Creek has seen significant growth both locally and nationally through contract acquisitions.

“Chris Pozzuto, the city manager for Springboro, has been very supportive of Caesar Creek Software since we started our first office here in 2005,” said Kevin Hoffer, founder and president of Caesar Creek Software.

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