DP&L will move local jobs to Argentina

Dayton Power & Light is moving a dozen local finance jobs to an administrative center located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company said Friday.

“The actions we’re taking today will make the company stronger and more resilient,” said Mary Ann Kabel, a spokeswoman for the utility.

The information was offered in response to questions this news outlet first asked several weeks ago.

The work being moved is performed now in Dayton, Kabel said.

The 12 people affected will have until the end of the year to explore new jobs with DP&L or its owner, AES, she said.

Kabel said that after a “thorough investigation” of the matter, company leaders decided on the move.

“We will be moving very transactional work in the finance area to one of our shared services centers … This will be the one in Buenos Aires,” she said.

The company relies on several of these “shared services” centers across the country and the world, she said. For example, one center in Indianapolis focuses on cyber-security. The centers typically help shoulder administrative or corporation-wide work.

The shared services centers have been a feature of DP&L operations since AES acquired the utility in 2011 in a $3.5 billion deal.

“A shared services center is basically a centralized location where they perform certain types of work supporting the company,” Kabel said. “In this case, it’s that finance transactional work that you see with ... accounts payable or accounts receiveable -- very task-oriented work.”

“This is improving the processes, the costs and everything across the company,” she added.

Asked if the company has moved Dayton-based jobs to these centers in the past, she said: “Not of this nature.”

The workers affected have been notified, she said.

The move will be complete by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

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