GM to offer electric vehicle drivers access to 60,000 plugs in US, Canada

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

General Motors wants to make America’s transition to electric vehicles as seamless as possible.

So the automaker on Wednesday announced several steps it is taking to making charging EVs easy.

First, GM said it signed agreements to partner with seven charging networks to offer customers access to 60,000 plugs in the U.S. and Canada.

GM is already partnered with charging network EVgo and as part of that the two are launching the first Ultium-ready fast chargers.. About 500 fast charging stalls will go live the by end of this year, GM said.

Finally, GM is introducing Ultium Charge 360, what GM is calling its approach to integrating GM’s vehicle mobile apps, other products and services to make charging easier and more accessible.

Ultium Charge 360 builds on GM’s existing charging system, so it includes updating GM vehicle mobile apps to make finding a charging station and paying easier, in part due to GM’s new agreements with the seven charging networks.

“GM agrees with the customer need for a robust charging experience that makes the transition to an EV seamless and helps drive mass adoption,” said Travis Hester, GM’s chief EV officer. “As we launch 30 EVs globally by the end of 2025, Ultium Charge 360 simplifies and improves the at-home charging experience and the public charging experience – whether it’s community-based or road-trip charging.”

Hester said GM will upgrade its vehicle mobile apps every four weeks for the next 18 months. Some upgrades will offer specific EV functions and will be timed to launch when GM rolls out the GMC Hummer EV pickup later this year.

The GM vehicle mobile apps will show real-time information on some 60,000 charging locations such as payment options, finding stations along the driver’s route and whether a charger station is occupied or down.

As part of the Ultium Charge 360 GM will also:

Continue to work with a variety of third parties, including charge point operators, electric utilities and government agencies, to make home, workplace, public and fleet charging accessible. Continue to update the GM vehicle mobile apps to make it easier to navigate to a charging station, plug into a charger and pay for charging. Work to offer EV owners charging accessories and installation services tailored to their lifestyle.

One way GM is making the transition to EV easier is by covering the cost of standard installation of Level 2 charging capability for eligible customers who purchase or lease a 2022 Bolt EUV or Bolt EV in collaboration with Qmerit. Qmerit is a service that helps EV owners find home charging installations by filling out an online survey and receiving competitive quotes from the installers.

The charging providers that GM is now partnered with include: Blink Charging, ChargePoint, EV Connect, EVgo, FLO, Greenlots and SemaConnect.

The first 12 GM and EVgo stalls are now live in Washington, California and Florida, nine months after a commitment to add more than 2,700 fast chargers in cities and suburbs by the end of 2025. GM and EVgo are on track to have about 500 fast-charging stalls live across the country by year-end.

Each site is capable of delivering up to 350 kilowatts and averages four chargers per site.

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