COMMUNITY GEMS: Nominate someone who’s doing something great for your community

community gems
community gems

The Miami Valley is a compassionate community, full of people who help each other in big and small ways every day.

This month the Dayton Daily News is launching a new initiative called Community Gems that will highlight and honor people who give their time and effort to improve the lives of their neighbors and community. The six-month long series will highlight and recognize people who make the community better and through their small acts add positivity and goodwill throughout the region.

“The Dayton area is full of people who are doing great things to help others in their community. We want to tell their stories that have gone unnoticed. Our Community Gems initiative is a new way we plan on bringing light to the great efforts in Dayton and surrounding communities,” said Rich Gillette, Community editor.

The Community Gems initiative will be driven by reader nominations. Nominate a community member, friend, family member, or coworker and share with us how they help others or something in your community. Tell us your stories and help us spread the good news.

To nominate someone as a Community Gem, please fill out the above form and we will contact you. Look for the good news stories about our Community Gems in Sunday editions and online at