Recounts set in Warren, Greene county election races

Results of the Nov. 7 general election have been certified, but three races in Warren County and two in Greene County will go to recounts.

Warren County recorded a voter turnout of 53.6% as 92,072 residents cast votes for many local government and school board races.

Warren County Board of Elections Director Brian Sleeth said there are three races that will have a recount as the apparent winners did not receive more than one-half of 1 percent of the vote more than their opponents. The official recount will happen at the county Board of Elections meeting scheduled for Dec. 8.

Those races include:

• Franklin Twp. Trustee, in which the difference was 38 votes, one less than the recount threshold between challenger Rob Rose, who had 50.24% of the vote, and incumbent Trustee Brian Morris, who received 49.76% of the vote, a margin of 0.48%.

• Mason Board of Education, in which the difference was 41 votes between incumbent Board Member Desiree Batsche, who received 30.29% of the vote, over challenger Danni Tymitz, who collected 30.12%, a margin of 0.17%.

• Mason City Council, in which the difference was also 41 votes between incumbent Councilman Josh Styrcula with 19.49% of the vote to challenger Gina Sanders with 19.32%, also a margin of 0.17%

The Fairborn School Board race in Greene County also faces a recount.

Both Stephanie Webb and incumbent Jerry Browning were handily elected to two of three seats on the board. The third seat faces a recount between incumbent Wendy Landon and challenger Susan Hieber.

Landon led Hieber in the final vote tally by only 13 votes in Greene County, per final results from the Board of Elections, but pulled ahead in Montgomery County by 41 votes.

Since the Fairborn school district overlaps slightly with Montgomery County and Clark County, the timeline for when the recount is done will be determined by the Secretary of State, Greene County Elections Director Alisha Beeler said.

A Spring Valley Twp. construction levy will also go to a recount, as it failed by five votes.

Miami County Board of Elections officials said they have no required recounts stemming from the Nov. 7 election, and Montgomery County has only the overlap issue with Fairborn school board.

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