Springboro approves recreational cannabis business moratorium

Springboro has joined other area cities in implementing a 300-day moratorium on marijuana businesses in the city. The pause is on accepting, considering or granting any zoning, occupancy or other permits and applications for adult-use cannabis cultivation, processing or dispensaries.

City Council approved the moratorium on the recommendation of city staff because the state has yet to establish rules and regulations through the new state Division of Cannabis Control. Approval of State Issue 2 gave officials nine months to establish those rules and regulations from the date of passage.

In addition, Issue 2 also allows municipalities to limit the number of adult use cannabis operators within the city, with certain limitations to be set forth by the Division of Cannabis Control. The act went into effect on Thursday statewide. Changes in the law are already being discussed at the statehouse.

Council approved the 300-day moratorium to give the city enough time to have a better knowledge of the applicable federal law, newly implemented state law, and future regulations and other issues generally associated with recreational use of cannabis that may impact Springboro.

“This is a hot topic around the state,” said City Manager Chris Pozzuto. “The state is working on rules and regulations and this will provide time to gather information.”

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Pozzuto said the moratorium will provide city staff time to review the regulations set forth by the Division of Cannabis Control regarding the issuance of permits and procedures for licensing of adult use cannabis. He said this will assist the city of Springboro to create reasonable regulations to protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.

The city of Carlisle recently adopted a similar moratorium last month. Carlisle’s moratorium is for one year, according to Mayor Randy Winkler. He said it was recommended by the city’s legal counsel because of the uncertainties regarding rules and regulations.

Numerous other cities around the region have passed marijuana business moratoriums, including Centerville, Kettering, Beavercreek and Troy.

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