Highway Patrol serves at One Bistro in Xenia for Everybody Eats Week

Members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol were at One Bistro in Xenia today, serving food as part of the bistro’s National Everybody Eats Week celebration.

OSHP Southwest Recruiter Jessica McIntyre said the troopers enjoyed volunteering, saying, “It’s been a wonderful time for us to come out and be with others, talking with them and serving good food to the community.”

During the week, other public service departments will be at the bistro serving, McIntyre said.

“It puts us in a different light, and it lets people know that we are human and we do care for the community,” she said.

One Bistro at 87 East Main Street in Xenia in a non-profit bistro with a “pay what you can afford” concept, where all menu prices are a “suggested price” and customers can pay extra to help pay for the food of someone who can’t afford it, according to its website.

The bistro is open for lunch Wednesday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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