How to share an article from the ePaper

You can share any story in the ePaper, whether you are using the web version ePaper or the ePaper app.

When using the ePaper online

Click on the Share icon in the top menu bar when viewing the ePaper edition or any of the three share icons (email, Facebook, Twitter) when viewing an article.

You can share the newspaper page or an article three ways - by email, Facebook or Twitter.

When using the ePaper app

Tap or click the Share button on the top menu bar or Share button within any article. You can share by email, Facebook and Twitter.

Once you select the share icon, you will be presented with the different ways you can share - by email, text, or various social media platforms.

Reading a story in Article View, there are several options of how to share in the top left corner of the article - email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Click the video below to see a tutorial of how to share a story from the web version ePaper.

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