2 Moraine McDonald’s workers accused of photographing customers’ credit, debit cards

Moraine police are investigating after receiving reports that two juvenile McDonald’s workers took photos of customers’ credit and debit cards.

On Friday, officers responded to the McDonald’s at 2757 W. Alex Bell Road and spoke to a person working in loss prevention for the fast food chain.

“He explained that they had been receiving reports of employees photographing customers’ credit cards,” read an incident report filed by Moraine police. “After the cards were photographed, customers started receiving suspicious unknown charges to their card and/or bank accounts.”

The loss prevention worker showed police security footage at the store of a juvenile worker taking a credit or debit card from a customer and then using a smart phone to take photos of the back and front of the card before running the transaction, according to the report.

Another juvenile worker was also reportedly taking photos of customers’ cards.

The loss prevention worker had been in contact with one victim, according to the report. The company reportedly planned to fire the two juveniles, but it is not clear if they still work at the store.

We have reached out to McDonald’s for a comment and will update this story once a response is received.

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