Piqua man pleads guilty in Washington, D.C. Capitol riot

A Piqua man pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges in connection to the Jan. 6, 2021, Washington, D.C. Capitol riot and federal prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence him to a year in prison.

Terry Lindsey pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct in a capitol building and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a capitol building.

He is set to be sentenced on July 15.

“Through its sentence, the Court should send the unmistakable message that the Capitol Building is not Terry Lindsey’s house, open to his entry whenever he is unhappy with the results of a national election,” a federal sentencing memorandum filed by prosecutors says.

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Meanwhile, an attorney for Lindsey said in court documents that the man has worked as a bricklayer for 30 years and is regularly employed through a union. Lindsey takes care of his wife and sometimes takes care of his grandchildren, his attorney said.

“He would very much wish to continue working to help support his family,” the attorney said.

Federal prosecutors said Lindsey was “among a group of rioters that surrounded, taunted and assaulted Metropolitan police.” Lindsey was accused of entering the capitol building twice.

The court documents say Lindsey was picked up in Piqua by two other people and they drove to Washington, D.C. to attend a political rally and then walked to the United States Capitol Grounds. It was on the west lawn part of the capitol grounds where the police were surrounded, according to the prosecutors’ memorandum.

Federal prosecutors said Lindsey then climbed through a metal scaffolding and entered the capitol .

“Lindsey later told family members that he ‘stormed the Capitol’ and that the ‘cops let us in after they realized that they could not stop it.’ As he entered, Lindsey joined the crowd chanting, Whose House? Our House,’” the court documents say.

Once inside, authorities say Lindsey took a picture with another person in front of a bust of Abraham Lincoln.

Lindsey exited the building after being ordered to by police, but remained on the grounds for 40 to 45 minutes. He and the people he came with then re-entered the capitol building, the court document says.

“Lindsey evaded a group of MPD and USCP officers who were attempting to clear the hallway outside the Rotunda and prevent rioters from re-entering the Rotunda,” the court document says. “Lindsey then entered the Rotunda before being forced to exit the Capitol Building again through the Memorial Door at approximately 3:29 p.m.”

Prosecutors argued that Lindsey’s conduct during the breach and afterward is why they are asking for prison in the case.

“Lindsey also has violated the law and his conditions of release while charged in this case and claims to have used illegal substances while on restricted Capitol grounds. He entered the Capitol twice, pushed past police, screamed and chanted during his 27-minute presence in the Capitol Building, lied to the FBI, and has expressed no remorse for his conduct,” the court document says.

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