Bill Nye offers fiery, profanity-filled warning about climate change

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What You Need to Know: Bill Nye

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Bill Nye is all fired up about climate change.

Appearing on HBO's "Last Week Tonight," the former host of children's TV show "Bill Nye the Science Guy" explained the planet's plight with a heated, profanity-filled demonstration.

>> Watch the clip here (WARNING: Linked video contains profanity. Viewer discretion advised.)

"By the end of this century, if emissions keep rising, the average temperature on Earth could go up another 4 to 8 degrees," he said on Monday’s episode. "What I'm saying is the planet's on [expletive] fire."

To demonstrate, Nye grabbed a blowtorch and set fire to a globe.

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"There are a lot of things we could do to put it out," he continued, gesturing toward a fire extinguisher, blanket and sand bucket. "Are any of them free? No, of course not! Nothing's free, you idiots. Grow the [expletive] up!"

Nye added: "You're not children anymore. I didn't mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12, but you're adults now, and this is an actual crisis."

Nye's appearance came during a segment on the Green New Deal and carbon pricing.

"Many thanks to the fantastic @BillNye for explaining Carbon Pricing to us with an entirely appropriate amount of profanity," host John Oliver tweeted after the show.

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