Dairy Queen offering ‘Blizzard’ flights with three flavors

Credit: Liz Holtschneider, Owner of Kettering Dairy Queen

Credit: Liz Holtschneider, Owner of Kettering Dairy Queen

Forget the beer flights! Bring us the Blizzard flights.

Dairy Queen now offers new “Mini Blizzard Flights” for those who can’t decide on one flavor. The flight comes with three Mini Blizzards of a customer’s choosing, all neatly arranged on a cute DQ platter for easy carrying.

This news outlet checked-in with the local Dairy Queen locations and all stores confirmed they are offering the Mini Blizzard Flights. The flights vary slightly in pricing per store, from $7.49 to $7.99. For now, the Mini Blizzard Flights are a limited-time promotion going now through the end of May.

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See all the Dayton-area Dairy Queen locations here to find your nearest one.

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According to People, Dairy Queen has added a few new treats on the menu besides their "Mini Blizzard Flights", like their new "cupfections."

"In addition to the classics, there are a bunch of new summer Blizzard flavors that will be on the menu until the end of August, so you've got plenty of options for filling up that flight," according to People. "You've got chocolatey flavors like Oreo Cookie Jar, S'mores and Brownie Dough, while fruit fiends can opt for the Summer Berry Cheesecake, made with real raspberries, blackberries and blueberries."

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