Health Inspections: New Sake

Restaurant inspections.
Restaurant inspections.

Address: 7260 Miller Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: July 19

Violations: Observed a bottle of juice chilling in the ice machine. No chilling of dirty items inside ice meant for service to prevent possible contamination with some unapproved additives.

Observed rice scoop stored on a dirty surface and in standing water. Maintain the rice scoop in the rice with the handle sticking out of the rice at all times to prevent contamination of ice.

Observed mold in the pop machine gun holder. Clean and maintain. Cleaned immediately.

The trash can at the sushi bar is filthy. Clean and maintain.

The dishwasher is not sanitizing at this time. Repair to dispense sanitizer as needed to sanitize utensils.

There is a hole in the back door that could let in rodents and other pests. Repair as needed.

Clean the area under the dishwasher to remove mold build-up and maintain.

Comments: The restrooms are satisfactory. Dry storage is ok. Correct above violations for reinspection. About 2 weeks.