Health Inspections: Pizza Hut


Health Inspections: Pizza Hut

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED


Address: 4388 Indian Ripple Road, Beavercreek  

Date of inspection: July7  

Violations: Found the three door refrigeration unit down and in need of repair. (PIC stated part is on order and all TCS items have been removed.) Found the fryer was in need of repair. (Repairman just left and part is on order.)  

Found the interior to the utensil drawer with food crumbs. Clean the drawer that utensils are stored in more frequently. Found the lower shelf to the prep table in need of being cleaned. Found the ceiling and area around the fan fronts in the walkin refrigerator in need of detailed cleaning to remove mold buildup.  

Observed cases of single use bowls stored on the floor. Store all single use items 6 inches up off floor to prevent possible contamination.  

Observed an employee jacket on top of packaged food on shelving. Store personal items away from food or utensils to prevent contamination.  

Found a missing ceiling tile in the mop room that needs replaced.  

Clean behind the fryer to remove grease drippage.  

Clean and organize both rear rooms where paper goods and chemicals are stored. All items shall have a place on a shelf so that proper cleaning can occur.  

Comments: Went over the new rules with the PIC. All temperatures taken were within the Ohio Food Code. Facility has a new proofer that meets the NSF requirement. All sanitizer concentrations checked in the buckets and automatic dish machine were proper concentration.

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