Montgomery County Health Inspections

The following are a sampling of food operation inspection reports from Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County, from the week of June 20 to June 24. View full inspections reports at


1800 E. Dorothy Lane, Dayton

Date of inspection: June 23

Violations: Observed an uncovered container of raw steak patties stored on the top shelf above ready-to-eat foods and next to an opened package of ham. Raw foods must be stored below and away from ready-to-eat foods. Employee relocated the steak for safe storage. Corrected.

Observed breakfast burrito filling mix using time as a public health control with no time stamp. According to the food prep employee the mix was just set out. Time stamp foods using time as a public health control with a 4-hour discard time stamp. Ensure the food is time at the time it is being taken out of the cooler. Corrected.

Observed pre-packaged whipped butter using time as a public health control. Time with no time stamp. According to the PIC, the butter has been out since breakfast. The butter was voluntarily discarded during the inspection. Ensure all perishable foods are time stamped with a 4-hour discard time and is discarded or completely gone at 4 hours.

No chlorine sanitizer test kit available. Must have test kit for chlorine sanitizer. Obtain test kit to ensure chlorine concentration levels are 50-100 ppm.

0PPM chlorine tested at the lo-temp, chemical sanitizing warewash machine. Warewash machine must dispense the adequate concentration of chlorine sanitizer. Replace or repair the unit. Use 3-compartment sink to sanitize, quaternary ammonia from the sink tested at 400ppm during the inspection.

Observed dirt on the bulk ice machine ice shield. Observed dirt and build-up on the fry dispenser drop doors (right above the area the baskets sit to receive fries). Food contact surfaces must be clean to sight and touch. Empty ice machine to clean and sanitize the ice shield or remove the shield for thorough cleaning. Empty the fry dispenser to thoroughly clean the fry drop doors. Clean and maintain sanitation of these food contact surfaces.

Observed wrapped single-use items stored in a cabinet with a purse on top. Single-use items must be stored in a manner to prevent exposure to any source of contamination. Remove personal belongings from storage with any kind of foot items wrapped or unwrapped.

Observed no paper towels to dry hands at either handwashing sink in the kitchen. Must have means to dry hands at the handsink: disposable towels or air-dryer. Towel stocked at both sinks during the inspection. Corrected.

Comments: Clean out the bottom of the single-door stand alone cooler to remove food debris/residue.

Provided food code updates to DM during inspection.

Provide documentation that the pre-packaged, whipped butter is ghee.

Make a list of all the foods that use time as a public health control.

Will conduct a re-inspection on or around 6/28/16.

Papa John’s

1935 Alex Road, West Carrollton

Date of inspection: June 24

Violations: Observed burger sauce left out on the counter at 50F. PIC stated the sauce has been out for approximately 1-hour. Perishable foods must be kept cold at 41F or less. PIC relocated the sauce to the prep top cold storage. (Sauce is added to the cheeseburger pizza during prep prior to cooking)

Quaternary ammonia sanitizer concentration at the 3-bay is 100ppm. Quaternary ammonia concentration must be 200ppm to sanitize properly. Manually add sanitizer and use test kit to confirm correct concentration level until the auto dispenser is repaired or replaced.

Ensure perishable foods that receive a 7-day date label are dated correctly. Count the open or make date as day one.

Pizza(cooked): 184.4F

Sausage(WI): 41.3F

Sausage(Prep): 41.5F

Tomatoes, diced(CH): 34.0F

Spinach dip(CS): 37.7F

Mozzarella, crumbles(CH): 29.7F

Food code updates provided/discussed during the inspection.

Will conduct a re-inspection on or around 6/28/2016.