What this southwest Ohio trio did to advance to the Knockout Rounds on NBC’s ‘The Voice’

Area trio The Bundys advanced on NBC’s “The Voice” after being selected by their coach to perform during the Knockout Rounds.

“Voice” coach Kelly Clarkson paired The Bundys, the sibling trio born in the Cincinnati area, and Mikaela Astel, a 14-year-old from New York City, to perform Eva Cassidy’s “Songbird.”

The performance aired Monday night on NBC.

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The Bundys consists of two sisters — Megan, 31, and Katey, 28 — and a brother, Ryan, 25, all Wyoming High School and Miami University graduates. They formed their singer-songwriter group in 2012, though they have performed together even longer.

Cassidy’s “Songbird” is a favorite of The Bundys, as they were introduced to the artist by their grandparents as children. It was also the artist Clarkson named during her blind audition pitch to woo the first-ever trio on “The Voice.” The Bundy’s chose Clarkson over coach Blake Shelton.

“It was kind of a cool moment because our grandparents were backstage and they were the ones that introduced us to Eva Cassidy, so it was kind of a moment like, ‘It was Kelly,’” said Katey during a Skype interview with the Journal-News.

Clarkson chose The Bundys during Monday’s show because they were more seasoned, and the nerves got the best of Astel, the young artist admitted after their performance.

“I just felt so ready and when I got up here my voice just start(ed) shaking,” she said after the performance.

The next level for The Bundys is the Knockout Rounds, where two acts perform different songs. It is the last round before the Live Show.

“I really want to make sure everyone is ready before I throw you into the Lives,” said Clarkson before announcing The Bundys as the winner.

The Bundys took to twitter after the show expressing their appreciation for the young artist.


“Voice” coach Blake Shelton told the young New York City singer she will succeed.

“The last thing any of us want to do is to discourage you because this is what you’re meant to do,” he said.


Watch the Battle Round matchup between The Bundys and Mikaela Astel:

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