Letters to the Editor: Nov. 5, 2022

Credit: Matt Rourke

Credit: Matt Rourke

The Greater Dayton Area is on the cusp of great opportunity with the announcement of possible rail development coming to the area. Earlier this year, DeWine announced that he asked the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) to explore the feasibility of a Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati route and in a recent interview, announced that the committee is still exploring its options.

As someone who has always lived in the Greater Dayton Area and now represents the people of New Lebanon, I know firsthand how important additional infrastructure will be to promote business in our area and increase opportunities for our citizens. With passenger rail coming through Dayton, individuals from all over the country and state will have the chance to experience all the Greater Dayton Area has to offer. Between our famous art and historical museums to our delicious restaurants and breweries, our area has so much to offer that many people may otherwise not know.

If passenger rail allowed for more accessible transportation through Dayton, the city and its surrounding areas would be able to show off its historical culture and attract young professionals needed for our vacant business to find a home. Not to mention that this improvement of infrastructure will surely raise property values in the area which have stayed stagnant for many years.

Hopefully with the federal funds provided and the ORDC report coming out, Ohio will be able to expand its infrastructure to better the lives of its citizens.

- Nicole Adkins, New Lebanon Council Member

Felt compelled to respond to the writer from the Saturday, Oct. 29 letters to the editor. No, Trump does not deserve a second chance. His denials and and totally inadequate response to the COVID pandemic resulting in the subsequent loss of hundreds of thousands of lives on his watch would alone prevent me from voting for him in 2024.

He experienced lower inflation in his term due to the entire world economy not experiencing the effects of the war in Ukraine and the pandemic. We now have record employment. Trickle-down economics has proven to not work, therefore cutting taxes on the wealthy is not the most prudent policy. No, you cannot compare Trump’s world to the present primarily due to COVID and the war in Ukraine, which we must continue to aid in order to preserve democracy.

In Trump’s world, we would not have negotiations and caps on prescription drugs, ACA subsidies, 15% corporate minimum tax (finally a means for them to pay their fair share), energy security and climate change investments, etc.

Any candidate, especially a former President who is and supports election deniers, is not fit or should be allowed to run for office — especially the Presidency.

- Mary Copeland, Centerville