VOICES: Creating a space for teens to create

In 2021, Pastors Corey and Stephanie Cunningham hired me to bring their vision to life. They wanted to create an inclusive space for teenagers to create, imagine and grow.

The location started as a three-story home that sits on the lot of The Inspiration Church at 2900 Philadelphia Drive in Dayton. The house was used previously used for clergy to live in by the former owners of the church, and was most recently used as a respite house for those in need by the current owners of the church.

“Club Inspired” is a community clubhouse where creative teens who live in Northwest Dayton can attend after-school programming from 2:30 to 5:30 PM.

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The project was designed to be completed in four phases. Phase one has been completed. That included the complete remodel of the main floor. A wall was knocked down, the main bathroom was completely remodeled, the floor was redone and all of the walls were painted. Thanks to donations from the church and community members, the entire main floor has been supplied with furniture, televisions, games and multi-purpose accessories.

The second phase will included the complete remodel of the third floor bedroom and the two upstairs bedrooms. One bedroom will become a gaming room complete with gaming stations and accessories and the other room will become a complete podcast suite for teens to both hang out and create in. The second phase also includes a handicap ramp being added onto the front of the house to provide access to those with disabilities.

State Representative Willis Blackshear, Jr. has committed to providing the resources needed for the complete remodel of the upstairs bathroom and the handicap ramp. The second phase is scheduled to be completed in spring of this year.

The third phase entails the complete remodel of the basement into a “Clean Christian Club.” This will be for both teens and adults to enjoy live entertainment presented by creatives, including live bands, poetry, spoken word, dance and song. The third phase is slated to be completed in 2024.

The fourth and final phase will be the complete remodel of the outside four-car garage. We are planning to transform it into a state-of-the-art community recording studio. Community members will be able to rent and use the studio to record, edit and collaborate on audio projects. The community studio will be outfitted with recording and mixing equipment, microphones, instruments, streaming cameras and software and various backdrops for media enhancement. The fourth phase is slated to be completed in 2025.

“Club Inspired” is just the latest project managed by my organization, MinistryIsMe Ministries. Over the past 10 years, we’ve been making a difference through impactful community service and outreach. Our faith-based project management and event planning company has produced two award-winning gospel stage plays (at the Dayton Convention Center), 18 church services, four podcasts, countless empowerment gatherings and conferences, four mother and daughter brunches, two gospel arts showcases, as well as publishing seven personal writing projects.

Projects like “Club Inspired” require community support. Consider donating towards this community enhancement: $ClubInspiredDYT’. You can also learn more about our organization on our website: ministryisme.com.

Tiffany R. Countryman is the founder and CEO of MinistryIsMe Ministries, LLC.

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