Avoiding wedding budget blues

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Looking to plan a cheap wedding? Thanks to the Internet, it’s now possible to pay as little as $5 for something that could otherwise cost you $3,000!

I talked last week about how you can now buy $99 wedding dresses from H&M.

That trend hints at a big split between people doing ultra-affordable wedding vs. people doing totally over-the-top gonzo nuptials. How bad can it get on the beaucoup bucks side? Wait until you hear this…

The Huffington Post reports W hotels in Manhattan are advertising the services of Social Media Wedding Concierges. These experts handle all the social media for wedding, leading up to the day and on the big day itself.

The cost? $3,000

Here’s exactly what you get for that price, according to a pitch sent to The Huffington Post:

Live tweeting of the ceremony and reception.

Instagram photos and videos and Vine videos.

Curating a unique wedding #hashtag.

Encouraging guests to utilize hashtag and handles as they post to social media.

Set up and maintenance of the wedding blog before and after the big day.

Curating registry wish list and dream honeymoon Pinterest boards to inspire couple.

Wedding social media recap for the couple — a Shutterfly book complete with social media highlights from the planning process and a collage of the best tweets and instagrams sent during the wedding.

My thing is, can’t you just go on Fiverr and pay somebody $5 to do some Tweeting for you?

Weddings have an energy all their own and can quickly turn into what’s basically an expensive coronation. But there are so many pressing financial needs a new couple has. And financial pressure can tear at the fabric of a marriage. You don’t want to start in debt from the fanciest wedding imaginable.

So if you’re a Bridezilla, I would encourage you to take a chill pill. Remember that your vows and having a great life with your spouse are the most important things. A wedding can be very tasteful, and it does not have to blow the budget.

And while I’m on it, brides, don’t make your bridesmaids buy these crazy expensive dresses that can only be worn once.

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