Enjoy a spa day at home with beauty products made in Dayton

While nothing can replace the relaxation (and results) of a day at the spa with licensed professionals, there are some great ways to enjoy a spa day at home, since that’s where we’re all stuck these days.

With products from local Dayton beauty brands, you’ll have everything you need to recreate the calming experience of the spa in your own bathroom.

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Try a fruit facial peel

Getting a professional facial peel at the salon can yield some truly remarkable results. In the meantime, you can try a gentler version at home with Skin Foodie's Papaya Enzyme Peel. Using the natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple with alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids, this peel does the exfoliating for you, revealing gorgeous, glowing skin.

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Exfoliate with a facial scrub

If a peel doesn't sound appealing, try a facial scrub. KjNaturals makes a healing facial scrub with charcoal and Indian clay. They recommend using this scrub weekly to remove impurities from the skin, which makes it softer and could even help fight breakouts for those who are prone to acne. In addition to charcoal and clay, this scrub is made with jojoba oil, hempseed oil, and liquid black soap.

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Take a relaxing bath

When you could use a soak in the tub, nothing beats the luxury of a heavenly scented bath bomb. Liv Naturally Co. makes some of the prettiest, all-natural bath bombs that will have you surrounded with herbs and lovely little flowers. These bath bombs have more than just looks, they're packed with coconut oil and Epsom salt to soften your skin and soothe your muscles.

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Deep condition your hair

During the week, many of us rush through washing and conditioning our hair, not really devoting enough time or product to really make a difference to our locks. For a change of pace, add Arcani Coil Care's Royal Roots Deep Conditioner to your spa day routine. Using coconut-derived moisturizers, vegetable protein, and vitamins A, D, and E, this deep conditioner adds shine and body to all hair types while helping to repair problem areas.

Moisturize all over

There's nothing more luxurious than a body oil that melts into your skin like a cream. Elle Landon's Concentrated Body Oil blends pomegranate, apricot, argan, gardenia, jasmine, and lemon oils to make a body oil that helps fight signs of aging while providing a ton of moisture.

Add a fresh scent

When you're ready to end your spa day at home, top it off with a refreshing scent that will remind you of the relaxing time you spent doing a little self-care. Humble Hive Homemade's Solid Perfume Jars are the perfect complement to a calming spa day experience. These toxin-free, all-natural jars of solid perfume are scented with gender-neutral blends of essential oils.

Self-care is an important way to handle the stress and uncertainty in these strange times we’re facing today. Take care of yourselves and enjoy some of the amazing products Dayton has to offer. What are some of your favorite local beauty brands, products, and shops?

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