Easter 2019: 5 creative ways to decorate your Easter eggs

Many crafty DIYers are flexing their creative muscle for Easter egg decorating.

Since the tie-dye egg has become a bit trite, it may be time to begin searching for inventive ways to create your Easter egg masterpieces with the little ones.

Below, you'll find a variety of colorful, clever decorating options that you'll be proud to share on any of your social media platforms.

1. Take the color out of your decorating.

Pinterest account Homelovr shared this simple Easter egg project, which only requires a Sharpie and some calligraphy. If you’re looking to send sweet messages via your eggs, this is the option for you.

2. Add glitter for the glam. 

There's also the option to kick the fabulous up a notch from the mundane dipping eggs process with a lot of glitter and a little glue. Take any egg —marble or boiled —and roll your egg into glitter grandeur. This creative egg adorning idea comes from YouTube user Jack in the Box. It's also allows for a little fun with the kids.

3. Give your tie-dye a twist.

We've kept our Easter egg decorating in a shell long enough. Try this new take on adding a color pop to your hard-boiled eggs. You'll need shaving cream or whipped cream, food color gel and, of course, your hard-boiled eggs. Domesticsuperhero.com offers the full details on this messy but egg-cellent option.

4. Set the mood.

Pinterest user Dream a Little Bigger shared its Mood Eggs decorating project for those East egg DIYers with a love for science. This creative alternative will require black paint and liquid crystal mood paint to give the temperature-affected, mood-changing effect.

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5. Sprinkle it with love.

There’s nothing like a little sprinkles to mix up your decorating. To create the sprinkle look, just take your paint brush and create small lines that reflect the colors in your sprinkle bottle.

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