Freestanding baths combine art with plumbing

Q: Dear Ed: I have an opportunity to design my bathroom from scratch since we are building a new house. While looking into bath tubs I’ve noticed tubs called “freestanding” baths. I also noticed this type of bath is a high-end plumbing fixture. Can you please tell me what makes these tubs so special and why they are so expensive?

— Karen, Washington state

A: A freestanding bath is basically a self-supporting bath tub with finished sides inside and out. This means there is no need to build an enclosure around the tub or install the tub against a wall. Freestanding baths give you the freedom of placing the fixture in the middle of your bathroom, making it the focal point.

With that in mind, many freestanding baths look more like a sculpture and less like a plumbing fixture. Solid cast resin materials are often used to create freestanding baths.

Freestanding baths are available in many shapes and sizes. Options can include bubble massage and heated surfaces.

With all these high-end features, I hope you can see why a freestanding bath can soak up a large portion of your bathroom budget.


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