Tee ball for adults? Be a kid again in these Dayton leagues

What if you could play like a kid again, only with beer? You actually can -- and you don’t even have to ask your mom.

Two groups in Dayton have organized leagues for sports like kickball, tee ball and wiffle ball for adults 21 and older. Both Sportcial and Gem City Social Sports operate on the idea of getting to meet new people while participating in casual, good-natured co-ed competition.

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You’ll see people from all walks of life -- parents, professionals, singles, couples and more -- getting into the games, making jokes and coming together as a team just as they likely did when they were adolescents...except without any of the arguing.

Only now the juice boxes have been replaced more grown-up beverages and someone may be grilling burgers on the sideline.

“It’s a good experience and a fun league. It’s a good time,” said Boston Hicks at a recent Gem City Social Sport kickball game.

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Sportcial also offers a league for the somewhat less athletic, but still skill intensive, game of cornhole.

The leagues last for a few weeks, and the games are typically scheduled after 5 p.m. So there’s no long-term commitment involved for those with a ton on their calendars already.

Though the kickball season is almost over, there's still time to sign up for the other leagues, like Gem City Social Sports' version of tee ball. Rather than using a regular baseball, players use a small playground ball that is more difficult to hit for distance and much less predictable while in the air.

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After the final out is recorded, they all meet at a local watering hole to bask in victory or drown the feeling of defeat with the type of participation trophy anyone can get behind.

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