This is a really ‘big dill’! Local store adds pickle to classic cookie

Pickle Oreos are the latest addition to the pickle-flavored food craze – yes, classic Oreo cookies.

Bill Kelly, the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, says their newest creation “is kind of a big dill.”

He described the concoction this way in an e-mail message, “We took an Oreo cookie, took it apart, put a very thin slice of pickle in the middle, put the Oreo back to together, then covered it in chocolate. Cause everything is better covered in chocolate!!!!!! The pickle taste is a hint of pickle, it’s not overpowering.”

The pickle Oreo can be purchased for $3 each in the candy shops. If you are a fan of pickles the candy shop also has dill pickle soda, pickle cotton candy and pickle socks.

There are three Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shops in the area located at 42 S. Main St. in Miamisburg, 1212 Central Ave. in Middletown and 1 E. Main St. in Troy.

Check out the Grandpa Joe's website for even more unexpected pickle items.

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