As coronavirus spikes, why no new shutdown for Ohio? DeWine explains



Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said Thursday the coronavirus is “very, very serious” as the state continues to see its highest levels of cases and hospitalizations, but he wasn’t ready to call for a statewide shutdown like he did when the pandemic began.

“If you can stay home, stay home,” the governor said in a series of Tweets connected to his press conference. “We have to take this down. The reason why we haven’t issued a statewide shutdown is because of the ramifications of a shutdown. Everything we do during the pandemic is a balance.”

DeWine said the spring shutdown produced unintended results.

“We saw child abuse reporting going down because teachers generally report abuse,” he said. “We saw a spike in mental health problems. We saw a spike in overdoses, we think because people took drugs alone and there was no one there to call 911.”

DeWine continued to push for individuals to slow down the virus spread.

“That’s why we put an emphasis on personal responsibility,” DeWine said. “The big spread is coming from what people do in their personal lives when interacting with friends and family outside of their household.”

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