Community Gem: Amie Jones of Troy volunteer efforts admired

Amie Jones of Troy volunteers with pet therapy using a rabbit.

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Amie Jones of Troy volunteers with pet therapy using a rabbit.

TROY – Amie Jones doesn’t let her health challenges get in the way of helping others.

“Amie has done so much for Troy,” said her fiance and co-worker, Shawn Bartley.

Jones volunteers. A lot.

She volunteers with Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association with her therapy rabbit named Ari. “I take him around to nursing homes, schools, hospitals. We do a couple of rehab places,” Jones said of Ari, a Holland Lop.

She became involved with the pet therapy after her daughter, Kylee, was in the hospital and they noticed that a therapy dog couldn’t visit with some patients who were allergic.

“We thought there has to be something where these kids can interact with an animal, to help them feel better, give them a little bit of spirit for the day,” Jones said. Ari also makes regular visits to the downtown Troy First Friday events.

Each year she adopts families for Easter and Christmas and ever since COVID-19 hit has been providing meals for children.

She also volunteers with the We Love Birthday Parties program, activities and at the Troy Rec and is a member of the Troy Kiwanis organization.

Once a month she does a bread drive gathering bread at the grocery and distributing it to programs that can use it for lunches and other meals. She also regularly puts items in the Community Food Truck boxes located around town.

“With Ari and being part of Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association and with Kiwanis, my family, my friends, everything I do volunteer -wise, that is what keeps you going. That is what I love doing,” Jones said.

She has done this while also being treated for stage II melanoma over the past five years, undergoing several surgeries, and dealing with other cancers.

“Right now, I am good,” she said of those health challenges.

Jones also works with Bartley at SB Plumbing and Electric in Troy.

“She does all of this while fighting cancer … she is winning that fight now but she has had over 20 surgeries,” said Bartley.

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