Cool, partly cloudy for weekend; Rain chances return Sunday night

Today we will start out mostly cloudy, after Friday evening’s storms push out of the Miami Valley. However, conditions should remain quiet and clouds should largely break up by evening for mostly clear skies overnight, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Temperatures will be cool during the day with a high around 52 degrees, followed by a cold night with a low of around 38 degrees.

Tomorrow, In the early morning clouds will begin to build up again, becoming more and more cloudy as the day goes on. That will be joined by a small chance of showers beginning shortly after dark and gradually rising as the night goes on.

During the day temperatures will again be cool, with a high near 55 degrees, but won’t fall as far overnight with a low of around 46 degrees.

Monday, the rising chance of showers will continue upward until showers become likely in the early afternoon and carry on through Monday night. There will also be a slight chance of thunderstorms beginning soon after night falls Monday night and ending in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

On Monday temperatures will be a little warmer but still cool, with a high around 58 degrees and a low of around 42 degrees.

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