Coronavirus: Ohio on its own travel advisory list? Visiting the state is discouraged

Ohio is now among 14 states on the latest travel advisory list as COVID-19 continues to surge through state and the nation.

The Ohio Department of Health updated the travel advisory list Wednesday for states with positivity rates of 15% and higher. The positivity rate represents the percentage of people who test positive for the coronavirus compared to the overall number tested during the past seven days.

“This is the first week since April where Ohio’s positivity for COVID-19 has increased above 15%. The state has seen record levels of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations in the past week, and all Ohioans can help to limit the spread and impact of this virus. This includes recommendations to stay at home except for necessary trips for supplies, consistent mask-wearing when around others, and frequent hand washing,” ODH stated in its release.

The list includes Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Utah. Idaho has the highest positivity rate with 49% and Ohio has the lowest at 15%, which is up from 14% last week.

Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming have experienced reporting irregularities with the total number of tests performed this past week; however, Ohioans are advised to avoid those four states as well.

Those who enter Ohio after travel to states reporting positive testing rates of 15% or higher are advised to self-quarantine for 14 days. This applies to visitors and residents. Also, people from other states are encouraged to avoid travel to Ohio.

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