Dayton fire crews rescue 3 victims in pit at truck repair business

4 go to hospital, including 2 unconscious patients; high carbon monoxide levels detected, according to reports.

Dayton fire crews rescued four victims — two unconscious — who were trapped in “below-grade space” Wednesday afternoon at ENS Truck Repair in Dayton.

The Dayton Fire Department was alerted around 3:20 p.m. to the incident at the business at 1116 W. Stewart St., a half-mile west of Interstate 75 in Dayton’s Edgemont neighborhood.

Four people were down in a 12-foot-deep pit and were cleaning using a gas-powered pressure washer, said District Chief Adam Landis of the Dayton Fire Department.

A 911 caller said that a group of men were working in a basement and that two people were unconscious. Due to a language barrier the caller said he was unsure why the workers were unconscious, but said they possibly were shocked or inhaled dangerous fumes.

Dayton crews later detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, according to reports, likely due to exhaust fumes.

One man reportedly got out on his own while three others had to be rescued in what fire officials called a “confined space entry” in a social media post regarding the technical rescue.

The 911 caller described the entrance as a “hatch” with a ladder.

The conditions of the four men are unknown but they all were taken to Miami Valley Hospital, Landis said.

Multiple medic units along with other fire apparatus and hazmat equipment responded to the scene, in addition to the Dayton Police Department providing assistance.

Credit: Marshall Gorby

Credit: Marshall Gorby

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