Dayton Metro Library: Where do $187 million in rebuilding projects stand?

Dayton Metro Library broke ground Friday on its Burkhardt Branch, one of the final four projects in a system-wide rebuilding effort. Voters approved a $187 million bond issue in 2012 to fund the work. Three-quarters of 17 library projects have been completed with the last new library scheduled to be finished in early 2023. Here’s each project in order of construction.

Credit: Lisa Powell

Credit: Lisa Powell

Electra C. Doren Branch Library

Location: 701 Troy St., Dayton

Opened: January 2015

Size: 4,800 square feet

Cost: $1.88 million

Miami Township Branch Library

Location: 2718 Lyons Road, Miami Twp.

Opened: November 2015

Size: 18,175 square feet

Cost: $5.2 million

Northwest Branch Library

Location: 2410 Philadelphia Drive, Dayton

Opened: April 2016

Size: 30,077 square feet

Cost: $11.76 million

New Lebanon Branch Library

Location: 715 W. Main St., New Lebanon

Opened: July 2016

Size: 11,335 square feet

Cost: $5.1 million

Brookville Branch Library

Location: 120 Blue Pride Drive, Brookville

Opened: August 2016

Size: 12,177 square feet

Cost: $5.03 million

Kettering-Moraine Branch Library

Location: 3496 Far Hills Ave., Kettering

Opened: October 2016

Size: 13,090 square feet

Cost: $5.35 million

Vandalia Branch Library

Location: 330 S. Dixie Drive, Vandalia

Opened: November 2016

Size: 19,465 square feet

Cost: $7.03 million

Miamisburg Branch Library

Location: 545 E. Linden Ave., Miamisburg

Opened: February 2017

Size: 16,147 square feet

Cost: $6.53 million

Main Library

Location: 215 E. Third Street, Dayton

Opened: August 2017

Size: 150,000 square feet plus 75,000 square feet parking garage

Cost: $63.02 million

West Carrollton Branch Library

Location: 300 E. Central Ave., West Carrollton

Opened: October 2018

Size: 16.244 square feet

Cost: $5.75 million

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

Wilmington-Stroop Branch Library

Location: 3980 Wilmington Pike, Kettering

Opened: June 2019

Size: 20,575 square feet

Cost: $8.13 million

Southeast Branch Library

Location: 21 Watervliet Ave., Dayton

Opened: August 2019

Size: 23,434 square feet

Cost: $9.03 million

Trotwood Branch Library

Location: 855 E. Main St., Trotwood

Opened: July 2020

Size: 12,878 square feet

Cost: $6.64 million

Credit: LWC INC.

Credit: LWC INC.

West Branch Library

Location: 300 Abbey Ave., Dayton

Tentative completion: November 2021

Size: 24,003 square feet

Budget: $11.96 million



Burkhardt Branch Library

Location: 4704 Burkhardt Avenue, Dayton

Tentative completion: January 2022

Size: 18,137 square feet

Budget: $9.58 million



Northmont Branch Library

Location: 700 W. National Road, Englewood

Tentative completion: July 2022

Size: 20,000 square feet

Budget: $9.81 million

Huber Heights Branch Library

Location: Southwest corner of Brandt Pike and Good Samaritan Way, Huber Heights

Tentative completion: February 2023

Size: 27,000 square feet

Budget: $14.03 million

Source: Dayton Metro Library

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