Early voting underway for Ohio’s March election

Voters will approve or reject many tax levies, and will decide which Democrats and Republicans advance to the November ballot in key races



Wednesday was the first day of early voting for the March 19 primary election in Ohio, and people lined up to cast ballots in Montgomery County.

This election includes votes for president, U.S. Senate, Congress, state legislature, judges and county-level offices, as well as tax levies and “local option” votes specific to individual precincts.

Because it’s a primary election, voters choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot, and vote for the candidates they want to advance to the general election in November. In some races, the other party may not have a candidate, in which case the March vote will decide who gets elected this fall.

Those who don’t want to vote for political party candidates, but have a tax levy or local option on the ballot in their jurisdiction, can request an “issues only” ballot, to vote just on that matter.

To find out which candidates and issues are on the ballot in your jurisdiction, visit www.ohiosos.gov/elections/voters/toolkit/sample-ballot/. Select your county, enter your name, select “sample ballots” and then pick which party’s ballot you want.

Ohioans can vote early via a mailed absentee ballot, or by voting in-person at their county board of elections office. From today through March 8, in-person early voting is available on weekdays only, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. From March 9-17, early voting expands to include some evening and weekend hours. Those voting in person should bring a valid photo ID.

Election day voting is March 19.

For more on the March 19 election, visit www.DaytonDailyNews.com/elections.



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