Governor wants Ohio House speaker out, key bill repealed and replaced

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine today repeated his call for House Speaker Larry Householder to resign and asked the House members to consider acting to replace Householder.

Speaking at a press conference intended for the coronavirus pandemic, DeWine also said the process in which House Bill 6 passed is not acceptable. The bill was at the center of a federal case announced this week against Householder and others accused in a $60 million racketeering and bribery scheme.

“It stinks. It’s terrible,” DeWine said of what happened in getting HB6 approved.

He asked legislators to repeal and replace HB6, which he has supported, through an open process that the public can have full confidence in.

DeWine said he wants Ohio’s nuclear plants and jobs to be preserved, but he said it is important the public has confidence in the process.

He added that he thinks it’s impossible for the public to have confidence in the legislature without lawmakers revisiting the bill.

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