Huber Heights looks to spend $525K for land to build new public works on Taylorsville Road

Huber Heights city council will vote today to purchase property on Taylorsville Road for the construction of a new public works facility.

In a work session last week, Interim City Manager Bryan Chodkowski gave an initial presentation of the resolution to council, which includes the $525,000 purchase of a plot of land at 5001 Taylorsville Road, just east of Wildcat Road.

The city’s Public Works Division is currently located on property with the city’s fire department. This building was constructed in 1955 and is “no longer functionally or structurally sufficient to support the current and future needs of the Public Works Division,” resolution documents state.

Funding for this acquisition will come from the city’s capital improvement fund, in advance from the general fund, until permanent financing is secured by the city through the issuance of bonds at a future date, according to Chodkowski.

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In October 2022, council approved a resolution to solicit engineering proposals for the design of a new public works division facility to be located on a different site, at Center Point 70 Boulevard.

“Center Point 70 was chosen because we owned the property and needed to get the project moving,” Chodkowski said, adding that it wasn’t an ideal location as there were logistical challenges to work around due to it’s location near a creek and wetlands.

“In the meantime, we were contacted by the realtor for the 5001 Taylorsville Property, (which) is in a more preferable location and has fewer challenges to design around,” he said.

Chodkowski said that while the Taylorsville property will be an additional cost, there is a benefit to the city by not having to bridge the existing creek on the Center Point 70 site.

“This avoided expense, plus proceeds from the future sale of the Center Point 70 parcel, will offset the purchase price of the Taylorsville Road parcel,” he said.

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