Huber Heights resolves problem with trash billing, mayor says

Trash pick-up in Huber Heights Thursday, June 24, 2021, by Republic Services. MARSHALL GORBY\STAFF
Trash pick-up in Huber Heights Thursday, June 24, 2021, by Republic Services. MARSHALL GORBY\STAFF



The trash billing issue in Huber Heights has been resolved and residents will receive a credit on their next bill if they already made a payment, says mayor Jeff Gore.

Gore said in a Facebook post that Republic, the trash company that Huber Heights just renewed their contract with, will be sending updated bills on July 16.

Credit will be issued for residents whose bills are on autopay and the bill is found to be in error, or if they already paid their bill and it is incorrect.

Some residents complained in June their new trash bills were inaccurate.

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The contracted rate for 2021 is $14.54 per month, which equals $43.62 per quarter. Gore said the $1.77 per month trash cart rental fee has been reduced to $1 per month or $3 per quarter.

Additional trash carts will be billed at $3 per month or $9 per quarter, so residents who have additional trash bins they don’t need should call Republic and have them picked it up, Gore said. He added residents do not have to use a Republic bin.

The 10% senior discount still applies for those 65 or older, which reduces the bill by $1.45 per month or $4.35 per quarter for $42.27 total.

The recycle cart is free of charge, with no charge to get a second recycle cart. Recycling is still bi-weekly.

For residents who have one trash bin and one recycle bin, the bill will be $15.54 per month or $46.62 per quarter, Gore said.

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He added the only way a bill would be more than $50 would be if you have additional trash bins being billed at $9 per quarter.

Huber Heights assistant city manager Bryan Chodkowski said the reason for the billing confusion had to do with a change in city rates, after years of working with Republic with no rate changes. Some residents also pay yearly, quarterly or monthly, which also could have contributed to the confusion.

Huber Heights renewed its contract with Republic this year with a price increase for the first time since 2013. The contract is for five years and includes price changes each year. Republic worked with Huber Heights previously and the contract was $11.19 per month.

Huber Heights had three bids for their trash services, but Republic ended up with the bid after Rumpke pulled out of the process, citing problems with staffing.

The new contract with Republic began on July 1.