Huber Heights Schools block access to app after inappropriate message

District recommends removing Seesaw app from phones, other devices.

Huber Heights Schools blocked student access to a classroom management app on Wednesday morning after a staff member received an inappropriate image.

A virus introduced into the Seesaw app, mostly used by pre-kindergarten through second-grade families, was causing the images to be posted within the messages section, according to a letter sent to district families.

“This is not an incident that is isolated to our district. It is a nationwide issue that hundreds of other Seesaw-enabled districts are also experiencing this morning,” the letter stated.

The school district’s technology team removed the Seesaw login option from all student tablets and Chromebooks and alerted staff members to not use the app until the issue is resolved.

Also, the district asked that parents do not click on any links in Seesaw emails or use Seesaw.

“We recommend parents and students remove the Seesaw app from your phones and other devices until further notice,” the letter stated.

The virus and inappropriate content was not generated by any Huber Heights Schools students, staff or parents, the district said.

The district said it is working with Seesaw, which has blocked the application’s messaging feature while it fixes the problem.

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