Kettering schools not requiring face masks as part of coronavirus protocols

KETTERING — Students and staff in the Kettering City School District will have the choice whether to wear a face mask when classes start next month.

Superintendent Scott Inskeep said after schools open the week of Aug. 9, the district hopes it will not have to shift course and require face coverings as part of coronavirus protocols.

“We’re coming back full-time, five days a week, all day every day,” Inskeep said. “Our intent is to meet the needs of our children and get back to where things are more normal.

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“We recognize that things could change. That may be out of our control,” he added. “But I think for our parents that five days a week is pretty important. So they’re able to get back and have a normal work week as well.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines say students not fully vaccinated should wear a face mask indoors.

The first day for students in grades 1-10 is scheduled for Aug. 12 while grades 11-12 will start the following day, according to the district’s calendar.

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The district is still working on COVID safety protocols, Inskeep said.

The district will make online learning an option, but those classes will not be taught by Kettering teachers, he said.

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