Lampton, Shutte face off in GOP Ohio House 70th District primary

Incumbent Brian Lampton will face challenger and political newcomer Katherine Shutte in the Aug. 2 Republican primary for a Greene County statehouse seat.

Both Beavercreek residents are vying for the District 70 seat in the Ohio House of Representatives (formerly District 73), covering much of western Greene County, including Fairborn, Beavercreek, Bath Twp, Bellbrook, Sugarcreek Twp, and Spring Valley.

The winner will advance to November’s general election, to face off against Democrat Eric Price, who is unopposed in the Aug. 2 primary.

Ohio House terms are two years, and members can serve four consecutive two-year terms. State representatives will receive a base salary of $69,876 starting in 2023. Each state representative is assigned to several standing committees which meet while the House is in session to review each bill.

Lampton is currently completing his first term as a state representative. He has operated an insurance agency since 1990, and holds a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Dayton.

Shutte is a political newcomer and former business owner, and holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Park University.

Brian Lampton

Lampton said he’s running for reelection in what is now Ohio’s 70th district to to continue his service to the people of District 70 and Ohio.

I have worked very hard for my constituents from day one and have had six bills passed into law,” Lampton said. “These laws improve the educational opportunities of our military families as they move in and out of Ohio, protected Ohio’s insurance consumer from bailouts, created regulatory reforms for those working from home, and prohibit insurer discrimination against living organ donors, just to name a few.”

Lampton identified multiple priorities that he would pursue if re-elected to his office, including support of Jacob’s Law, should it not pass in the Senate.

House Bill 161, also known as Jacob’s Law, would create a registry of information on individuals who have been convicted of crimes against children. The legislation is named after a 2-year-old Dayton boy who was killed by his mother’s then-boyfriend, Justin Payne, in August 2015. Lampton introduced the bill in the House last year.

“The perpetrator had previously been convicted for child abuse, and had the mother or family of Jacob known, his life could have been spared,” Lampton said.

Lampton said he would also work towards legislation to address safety in schools and tighten penalties for distracted driving.

“Fatal accidents caused by distracted driving are 100% preventable, and that’s why Rep. Abrams and I are sponsoring the distracted driving bill (House Bill 283),” he said. “This type of bill has been enacted in most of the states and has been proven to significantly reduce crashes and ER visits in comparison to educational programs alone.”

Lampton added that if re-elected, he is “in a good position” to be selected as chair of the House Insurance Committee, where he is currently serving as vice chair.

“In that position, I will fight for more affordable, competitive, and consumer-friendly insurance with fewer mandates for all Ohioans,” he said.

Lampton has been involved with community organizations including the Beavercreek Rotary Club, the Beavercreek and Fairborn Chambers of Commerce, Greenebucs, Miami Valley Military Affairs, and the Beavercreek Women’s League. He is endorsed by the NRA, Buckeye Firearms, Ohioans for School Choice, Ohio Right to Life, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Ohio Chamber, and the Ohio Republican Party.

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve the good people of Western Greene County,” Lampton said.

Katherine Shutte

Shutte said she is running to represent the “true conservative values of the Republican party.”

“I hope to be elected so I can represent the citizens in my district in the way we all deserve to represented,” Shutte said. “I want to defend and protect not only our citizens, but both the Ohio and U.S. Constitutions. We have too many elected officials currently in office who serve only themselves and agendas that do nothing to protect our freedom.”

Shutte identified her top three priorities as complete medical freedom, protecting the second amendment, and protecting children from government overreach in education. Shutte said she will sponsor or support only bills that give protection against “medical tyranny and forced treatment in any way.” Additionally, she said she would not support any legislation that would restrict second amendment rights and would fight to remove existing laws that are prohibitive to those rights.

“It is time to stop creating law after law that strip our freedoms from us every day and start protecting our freedoms and our God-given rights,” Shutte said. “It is time to say ‘enough is enough’ and stand up and demand that we are only represented by people who are willing to fight every day to protect our Constitutions, (and) protect our freedoms.”

Shutte said she would support legislation to ban educators from teaching Critical Race Theory and topics that aren’t age-appropriate.

“Our children do not need to be taught CRT or about sexual topics in any form. These are issues that parents have the responsibility to teach their children when they are comfortable with their own child’s level of maturity and comfort in understanding such matters,” she said.

“I am a citizen candidate, not a politician, who will stand up and fight against the agendas that are tearing apart the foundation of our country,” she said.

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