Lebanon council member resigns, cites frustration with anti-abortion and gun measures

Krista Wyatt
Krista Wyatt

Almost four years ago, Krista Wyatt had hoped Lebanon City Council would be a way to serve her hometown after spending three decades as a member of the city fire department.

Wyatt, who was first elected in 2017, notified the city before Tuesday’s council meeting, “that after much consideration, I am resigning my seat on Lebanon City Council effective immediately.”

In the resignation letter, Wyatt said her first two years on council were meaningful as she believed the council was working in the best interest of the overall community.

“With the current membership, I do not feel that is the case and I no longer want my name to be associated with the council,” Wyatt’s letter says.

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The letter included praise for City Manager Scott Brunka, City Attorney Mark Yurick and City Auditor Dan Burke. She asked Brunka to remove her photo and contact information from the city’s website, which was done late Tuesday.

“I am heartbroken to have to make this decision, but I feel it is best for my health, sanity and integrity,” her letter says.

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Mayor Amy Brewer said no one on council was aware of Wyatt’s resignation prior to Tuesday’s meeting.

Brewer said council will discuss filling the vacancy at its work session next week.

Wyatt, a retired assistant fire chief for the city, shared more about her decision in a long social media post to her friends and supporters.

“While I know this disappoints many people, my health, family and integrity are more important to me than being a member of council,” the post says.

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An anti-abortion ordinance approved this week was not the entire reason for her resignation.

“We may not have agreed all of the time, but we could usually come to a consensus (in her first two years),” she said in her post. “Personally, there were a couple of items I did not love, but after discussing them with the proper people, I could see a different side of things.”

For the past six months, Wyatt said in her post she was less enthused about council decisions, such as allowing people to bring concealed weapons to council meetings.

Wyatt said she was disappointed when council did not create a Human Relations Commission earlier this year she and Councilwoman Wendy Monroe and a group of residents worked on for several months.

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“I felt powerless to make a meaningful difference to those who were asking me to something,” she said in the post.

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