Listen to these local stories of housing discrimination

Credit: Jordan Laird

Credit: Jordan Laird

The latest episode of the Dayton Daily News The Path Forward podcast explores the legacies of redlining and modern discrimination in the housing market through two stories.

Dayton-area residents of color, particularly in minority neighborhoods, are denied home loans at higher rates than their white counterparts over half a century after the Fair Housing Act of 1968 was intended to level the playing field. Norman and Zaria Scearce, an African American couple living in Trotwood, recently attempted to buy a bigger home in Trotwood, but the loan did not go through. Norman Scearce tells his story in this latest episode.

You can read more about the obstacles Dayton area minorities face when applying for home loans here.

Also in this episode, host Jordan Laird spoke to Carolyn and Larry Williams. The African American couple has poured thousands of dollars into upkeeping and renovating their Westwood home over the decades, but their house has not appreciated in value.

You can read more about the devaluation of Black and minority neighborhoods in the Dayton region here.

Listen to the new episode below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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