MAP: Where are Dayton’s nuisance properties, and who owns them?



A Dayton Daily News investigation cross-referenced the city of Dayton’s nuisance property list with Montgomery County property tax records to identify the owners of 1,354 properties on the city’s nuisance list and how much they owed in back taxes.

Read the investigation here. It includes discussion of how many properties have listed owners with out-of-state addresses and how delinquent taxes could hinder redevelopment of these properties. We also spoke to the man who owns more nuisance properties on the list than anyone else about why he is buying them up.

This follows a previous Dayton Daily News report on how the city plans to use federal COVID relief funds and other funding sources to tear down more than 1,100 nuisance properties, but hundreds will remain standing.

Use the interactive map below to see nuisance properties included in our investigation, who owns them and how much they owed in taxes when reporters pulled the data in February.

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