Former West Milton police officer convicted of rape seeks new trial

A motion for a new trial for a former West Milton police officer was filed Tuesday by his defense lawyer, claiming there were “numerous reasons” to support the request including jurors falling asleep during proceedings and jurors believing they were bullied into reaching a verdict.

Kevin C. Wright, 34, of West Milton was convicted Friday in Miami County Common Pleas Court on three felony counts of rape involving a girl younger than 13. He faces life in prison. Judge Stacy Wall has set sentencing for Tuesday, May 11.

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The jury deliberated around eight hours before returning its verdicts.

Troy lawyer Jay Lopez filed the motion asking Wall to grant the motion and schedule a new trial.

He claimed at least four jury members fell asleep in court; said there were reports “the jurors did not deliberate in an amicable fashion and jurors felt bullied into deciding a verdict;” and that jurors disregarded medical evidence that victim allegations were contrary to medical evidence/findings.

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Lopez also claimed the judge spoke to the jury outside the presence of the defendant and lawyers; improperly permitted hearsay evidence; and incorrectly restricted his ability to question the alleged victim and that prosecution witnesses violated separation of witnesses restrictions by viewing the trial on live stream and/or discussed the case with people observing the trial.

Wright, who had been free on bail before and during the trial, had his bail revoked and was jailed after the verdicts were returned.

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