Ohio passes 100,000 reported cases of coronavirus

There have been a total of 100,848 cases and 3,669 deaths reported from coronavirus in Ohio as of Sunday, August 9, the Ohio Department of Health reported. A total of 879 new cases were reported today.

95,496 cases and 3,397 deaths have been confirmed by the state. A total of people have 11,565 been hospitalized over the course of the pandemic and 2,665 have been admitted to an intensive care unit. There were a total of 49 new hospitalizations and 11 people admitted to an ICU in the past 24 hours. An estimated 78,435 people have recovered, the state said.

ExploreCoronavirus: Gov. DeWine’s third test comes back negative, First Lady tests negative

This week, Gov. Mike Dewine tested negative after an initial positive test on Thursday. He took two more tests, which both showed he tested negative. First Lady Fran DeWine also tested negative.

“I’m sure the internet is lighting up with ‘Well, you can’t believe any test,’ " DeWine said in a WCOL radio interview Friday, after a whirlwind of events the day before when the initial positive showing forced the Republican to scrub a planned meeting with President Donald Trump. And on Sunday, he told CNN’s “State of the Union” that “people should not take away from my experience that testing is not reliable or doesn’t work.”

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