Roundabout now open at Mad River, West Alex Bell roads

A roundabout at the intersection of Mad River and West Alex Bell roads in Washington Twp. is now open.

It is the first circular intersection in Montgomery County and took about four months to construct.

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Modern roundabouts boost traffic efficiency and safety. On average, they reduce total crashes by 35%, injuries by 76% and fatalities by 90%, according to a release from the township.

“In the case of the Mad River/Alex Bell Roundabout, the level of service improves from (an) ‘F’ to ‘A’ (grade),” Montgomery County Engineer Paul Gruner said. “Those comparisons are based upon peak-hour traffic. In the off-peak hours, traffic in the roundabout will be constantly moving, whereas with a signal, one direction would always be stopped.”

The constantly moving stream of traffic means less idling, leading to a decrease in vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

The new roundabout cost $280,000 for engineering, $370,000 for right of way and $970,000 for construction, with 90% of construction costs paid from federal safety money and 10% from the Ohio Public Works Commission, Gruner said.


  • When approaching a roundabout, slow down. Roundabouts are designed for low speeds around 20 to 30 mph.
  • Yield to the cars in the roundabout. They have the right of way.
  • Look to your left and enter the circle by turning right when there is a safe gap in traffic.
  • Keep moving when you’re in the roundabout. All U.S. roundabouts are one-way: counterclockwise.
  • Exit right when you see your turn.

SOURCE: Montgomery County Engineer’s Office

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