Threats to shoot officer prompts call for assistance in Dayton Sunday; 2 arrested

Two people were arrested during an incident in Dayton Sunday where a Signal 99, or call for officer assistance, was issued after a person reportedly threatened to shoot police.

Dayton crews were requested to clear a building in the 100 block of Santa Clara Avenue by the property owner around 12:45 p.m. Sunday, according to Dayton police Lt. Mark Ponichtera.

During the process, police encountered three people who were not allowed to be in the building, he added.

“One of them claimed to have a gun and repeatedly threatened to shoot officers,” Ponichtera said. “Officers requested additional help and within one minute the ‘99′ was canceled.”

It was later revealed the man who claimed to have a gun did not have a firearm, but did have a knife. A replica firearm was reportedly found close to where the man was arrested.

Two people were arrested. Multiple felony and misdemeanor charges have been presented to the prosecutor’s office, according to Ponichtera.

A third person was in a severely ill state and transported to an area hospital, he added. Additionally, Animal Resource Center also responded and took custody of a dog.

Dayton Police Department’s General Assignment Unit detectives are investigating this incident.