NEW DETAILS: EF1 tornadoes touch down in Butler, Clark counties

Wind speeds reached up to 110 mph in the first of two tornadoes that touched down in Butler and Clark counties on Monday, the National Weather Service in Wilmington said.

Storm surveys conducted Tuesday by the NWS confirmed that tornadoes touched down northwest of Middletown and north of New Carlisle during storms that resulted in damaged property, downed trees and power lines throughout the Miami Valley,

In a statement, the NWS classified the tornado near Middletown as an EF1, with an estimated maximum wind speed of 110 mph.

The tornado began at about 2:37 p.m. near the intersection of Jacksonburg Road and Oxford Middletown Road.

Over the next few minutes, the tornado traveled about 4.2 miles, finally ending at about 2:43 p.m. near Hetzler Road, about four miles east by northeast of Jacksonburg.

Damage from this tornado varied, with some houses seeing minor roof and tree damage, but one property in particular the roof pulled off the house, the back wall failing in the process, along with a barn on the property being leveled.

The tornado near New Carlisle was classified as an EF1, with an estimated maximum wind speed of 90-95 mph.

The tornado began at about 3:19 p.m., touching down near Ayres Pike, about three miles south-southeast of Christiansburg.

It then traveled 2.3 miles over the course of about two minutes, with the last noted damage occurring just north of Ballentine Pike and east of Ansbaugh Road, about three miles northwest of North Hampton, the NWS said.

Damage from that tornado included a barn being destroyed, along with multiple trees being uprooted and large branches being snapped off others. It also dealt some damage to homes, ripping siding off one home, causing mild to severe roof damage to multiple houses and caving in one garage door.

No injuries were reported with either tornado.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

NWS is also conducting a storm survey in Orient in Pickaway County, just southwest of Columbus. The agency also confirmed a tornado touched down near Orient on Monday.