Trial to begin 5 years after fatal shooting of Dayton detective

The trial of three men charged in connection to the 2019 shooting death of a Dayton Police Dept. detective is scheduled for Monday.

Jorge DelRio, a 30-year Dayton police veteran, died from injuries sustained while executing a search warrant with a Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force on a house in northwest Dayton. He was 55 years old.

Dayton Police Dept. officials said DelRio’s impact on the community was “immeasurable.”

“His legacy remains etched in the hearts of his family, those who served alongside him, and the community he dedicated more than 30 years to protect,” said James Rider, a spokesperson of the police department. “Jorge loved his family, he loved this country, he loved working for the Dayton Police Department, and he loved working on the DEA Task Force.”

Nathan S. Goddard, Jr. is charged with killing a law enforcement officer aiding a federal investigation and causing death using a firearm during a crime of violence or drug trafficking, among several other counts, according to Ohio district court documents.

Goddard is accused of shooting DelRio twice in the face. Two other men — Cahke Cortner and Lionel Combs III — face charges related to alleged drug trafficking and the death of DelRio.

An assistant prosecuting attorney of the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office is assisting with the prosecution of this case, according to Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr.

“We are glad to see this case going to trial in order to obtain justice for Det. DelRio and his family,” he said on Friday.

In November 2019, DelRio approached a home in the 1400 block of Ruskin Road with DEA task force members. The task force knocked on the door and entered after no one answered. Crews proceeded into the basement of the house.

A medic was requested after DelRio was shot twice in the face. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was transported to the hospital in a marked cruiser. Crews found fentanyl and cash, as well as multiple weapons during a search of the house, according to Dayton police.

DelRio died three days after he was shot at Grandview Medical Center. Thousands of residents, community members and law enforcement officers attended DelRio’s funeral at University of Dayton Arena. Former colleagues and local and state leaders praised DelRio for his courage, determination and dedication to his loved ones and community.

“Jorge’s dedication to service extended far beyond the call of duty, and his tragic passing in 2019 while executing a search warrant is a somber reminder of the risks law enforcement officers willingly undertake to safeguard our communities,” Rider said.