Troy man sentenced for sex crime tried to call 13-year-old victim 500 times from jail

Credit: Miami County Jail

Credit: Miami County Jail

A 21-year-old Troy man who prosecutors said attempted to call a 13-year-old girl hundreds of times from the county jail was sentenced Monday to 10 to 13½ years in prison on convictions for pandering obscenity involving a minor and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Gage A. Trickey attempted to contact the victim in the case every day since being jailed despite orders to have no contact in any way with her, Matthew Joseph, assistant county prosecutor, told Judge Stacy Wall in Miami County Common Pleas Court. When blocks were placed on calls, Trickey found ways around them and used other inmates phone access, he said.

Since June 17, Trickey made nearly 500 attempts to reach the girl by phone, according to court documents.

Trickey declined comment before hearing the sentence. The charges stemmed from incidents in January and February and included videos showing the girl.

He earlier pleaded guilty to five counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor and three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Wall said Trickey knew the girl was only 13 but continued pursuing a relationship with her. After the girl’s mother ordered him not to return to their home, Trickey would sneak in at night, she said. He wrote letters to the girl in addition to attempting to contact her by phone, Wall said.

“You have absolutely no respect for the court system or comprehension of how serious your behavior is,” she told Trickey.

Wall also reviewed his criminal record that included adjudication as a juvenile for attempted rape. Trickey’s record showed a series of probation violations and demonstrations of violence, the judge said.

He was sentenced to seven to 10½ years on five counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor and one year on each of three unlawful sexual conduct with a minor convictions. The sentences on the two types of offenses will be served consecutively for 10 years to 13½ years total. Trickey was given credit for 157 days spent in jail.

He was classified as a Tier III sex offender. The designation will require him, on prison release, to register his address with his local sheriff’s office for the rest of his life.

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